Ali Zaraay, Egyptian Documentary Photographer and Photojournalist currently based in Hannover, Germany. He is currently studying in Hochschule Hannover's International Program of Documentary photography and Photojournalism's program 2020.
He has been working as a press photographer for the last few years in a variety of Egyptian newspapers. Witnessing Egypt’s uprising against Mubarak in 2011, Ali discovered his passion for photojournalism. After the revolution, he started to see Egypt with a differed eye like many other Egyptians. He became interested in covering the Egyptian daily life in a different way. Ali wanders around Egypt’s North, South, villages and cities as he captures local’s lives. He mainly works on projects that address cultural and social issues in Egypt. He also has covered the Sufis and their celebrations, the Coptic mass events, the village’s life and many other aspects of the Egyptian life. In the past few years he mainly attempts to beautifully photograph the marginalized. Hence his long-term ongoing documentary project is about Nomadic Bedouins of Egypt. He also have conducted a visual documentation of orphans who suffer from AIDS in Nakuru village, Kenya. A project that he is working on exhibiting soon. Ali’s genuine way of documenting people’s daily lives, faces, stories and differences through his lens allowed him to connect and understand his roots, and has become his way of life.

Ali currently is interested in interactive installations and public exhibitions. His first interactive installation "On Unfinished, and UnfinishableWork" in Roznama 8 Contemporary Arts Exhibition was winning.
أنا علي زرعي
 ÙƒØ³Ø±Øª رهبتي من الحياة والناس ØŒ تعلّمت بشيء من الخفة أن كل ماحولنا فن الأصدقاء والبيوت والموسيقى والشوارع . كل شيء فن ... أسير في المدينة مخزّنا حكايات ووجوه وعواطف ملقاه وسط الزحام ØŒ أحب اللون الأصفر ومؤخرا شوربة العدس . ارتحلت مع البدو في مصر في رحلة طويلة صاحبني فيها دائما صوت الشيخ أحمد برين . للحق هو صاحبني في كل الرحلات في كل المغامرات واكتشاف العوالم والأفكار ØŒ وجبر بخاطري وأنا أحاول توثيق مدينتي التي تتلاشى .. . أعيش حاليا -ولفترة مؤقتة- في هانوفر _ ألمانيا . واستطعت منذ عدة أيام أن أصف شقتي هناك بأنها بيتي ..

Ali Zaraay

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