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Ali Zaraay, Egyptian Visual Artist & Documentary Photographer in Cairo. He is currently doing the one year program in liberal arts in CILAS. He also studied in Hochschule Hannover's International Program of Documentary and Photojournalism program 2020. He worked as a press photographer for 9 years in a variety of Egyptian newspapers. Witnessing Egypt’s uprising in 2011, Ali discovered his passion for photojournalism. He became interested in covering Egyptian daily life in a different way. Ali traveled around Egypt’s North, South, villages and cities as he worked on projects that address cultural and social issues in Egypt.

His long-term ongoing visual anthropological project is about Nomadic Bedouins of Egypt, which he turned into a web documentary. In this project Ali adopts a shared anthropological approach, where he works with and not about them. Ali currently is interested in interactive installations and public exhibitions. He is also interested in the change in the city, the demolition, construction and displacement. He believes in the importance of collaboration, and is currently sharing an art/work studio in Cairo.

Ali Zaraay

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